Takumi Farm carefully raises vegetables, eggs etc. to provide for kuki's meals with organic pesticide / organic cultivation, circulation type ecological rearing.

〒043-1117 Hiyama-gun, Assabucho Aza Miwa 1239

The farm that the owner started with a hobby began with breeding of 30 Nagoya Cochin.
The farm grows little by little, now it is a full-scale farm with 300 Beihai chickens, 10 lambs (Suffolk Sheep), vegetables, and wild vegetables.

We are challenging various things under the theme of organic / organic cultivation, circulation type ecological rearing and “enabling impossible” theme.

We will offer “safety” through “food”.

Introduction of the farm

chicken — hokkai chicken, hinai chicken

sheep — Suffolk Sheep

Vegetable field — Organic cultivation

Wild vegetable garden — Wild plant of the farm