Hotel Esashi Ryotei Kuki

Countless guests return over 20 times in search of the best cuisine in Japan made with the finest ingredients.
Each guest room of this traditional Japanese inn has a private bath that is fed directly and continuously from the hot spring.

Hotel Kuki is located in the town of Esashi in the southern part of the Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido.
It is about 90 minutes by car from Hakodate Airport, which is a roughly 90-minute flight from Tokyo.
What makes Hotel Kuki special, even in Japan, is that it has seven guest rooms that each have a private bath that is fed directly and continuously from the hot spring. In addition, the accommodation fee includes beverages and other amenities.Guests also visit from around the world to observe the stylish architecture of the inn.

The inn’s name of Kuki is derived from the term to describe the phenomenon of large schools of herring coming to the shallows of the Sea of Japan near Esashi during spawning season and turning the sea milky white with their eggs.


Considerations and Commitment

As part of our commitment to the principle of local production for local consumption, we source all of our food ingredients from within a radius of 25km of our inn. In addition, the meals we serve are made using the absolute best ingredients in a manner that is only possible in the countryside, as the farm that we directly operate does not use any pesticides while growing organic vegetables and is very selective in the feed given to the sheep and chickens being raised.

  • Hotel Esashi Ryotei Kuki commitment
  • Hotel Esashi Ryotei Kuki commitment
  • Hotel Esashi Ryotei Kuki commitment
  • Hotel Esashi Ryotei Kuki commitment


Cuisine Made Using Local Ingredients

Among the food ingredients that you can enjoy to your heart’s content are fresh, seasonal fish caught locally near Esashi, as well as chicken and pesticide-free organic vegetables and edible wild plants from Takumi Farm, which we operate directly.

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Directly-Operated Takumi Farm

At Hotel Kuki, we are committed to cooking with only food ingredients that have been harvested or caught within a 25km radius of our inn, in addition to lamb, native chicken, eggs, vegetables, and edible wild plants that have been produced with care at our directly-operated Takumi Farm for you to enjoy with peace of mind.

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There are seven guest rooms that have a refined design. Each room has its own private bath that is fed directly and continuously from the hot spring

Beyond the stone wall is an extraordinary space that is far from mundane.The seven spacious guest rooms are detached from each other, as each guest room has its own single-storied building that is surrounded by a garden.

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Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Properties of the Rich Natural Hot Spring
Delivering Direct and Continuous Flow

The private baths are 100% fed from a hot spring that is located within our premises.The quiet sound of the spring water flowing into the bathtub is reminiscent of a distant creek and is sure to soothe you mentally and physically with its melody that serves as a backdrop for your journey.

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Unembellished, Considerate Service on Offer

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In Pursuit of Japan’s First Recycling-oriented,
Eco-friendly Inn

All of the food waste produced by this inn is composted at Takumi Farm, which is directly operated by the inn, and utilized to cultivate the soil for organic farming. Since this inn opened, there has never been an instance of food waste being collected or disposed of by an external party. The heat source of the hot spring on this inn’s premises is utilized effectively as an energy source and for heating with the help of heat exchange equipment. Even during the winter, the entire facilities feel nice and warm as if there is floor heating turned on. By using the hot spring, not even a drop of oil has been burned since the inn opened.

In Pursuit of Japan’s First Recycling-oriented,Eco-friendly Inn


Approximately 90 minutes by car from Hakodate Airport
Approximately 90 minutes by car from Hakodate stn.

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