The land of Esashi famous for Esashi pursuing is a land that has been protected by "bounty of the sea" brought by herring fishery since ancient times.
The herring that has reached the spawning season is called "KUKI", a phenomenon in which the herring laying in the shallow water in the hatchery lay eggs and dye the sea milky white.
A traveling garden with the name of "KUKI" in the city of such history, Esashi.
The other side of the stone fence is a different space away from everyday life.
There was "special time" allowed only by customers in 7 rooms.

About KUKI

5 in Esaka-machi, Esashi-cho, Hiyama-gun, 043-0041(詳しくはPage to access
Free parking available (6 units)
Reception time
Check in is 15 o'clock, check out is 12 o'clock
guest room
7 rooms(For more informationTo the room page
100% source withdrawal(For more informationSpa page
Cash · Credit card(VISA・JCB・MASTER・AMEX・Other)
Internet use
Wide wireless LAN in the whole building(There is a lending of wired LAN cable)

About Access

Esashi ryotei KUKI Access


1-5 Aza Ubagami-cho,Esashi-cho,Hiyama-gun,Hokkaido 043-0041,Japan(View large map

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