Five Promieses

"To deepen ties with customers"

(Chisan Chishoku)

We considers customer's health and food safety as the first priority, vegetables and lamb meat produced at its own farm,

Carefully selected fresh seasonal ingredients within a radius of 25 kilometers centering on eggs, etc., with a wholehearted cooking hand,

We are keeping in mind that we offer Esashii's meals that customers can feel the culture of their living.

(Kito Onraku)

We was able to dig into the premises an extremely excellent hot spring with a hot spring that springs out from ancient strata and spring quality.

Please let me cherish the grace of this valuable earth carefully,

Guests are free to relax and enjoy the hot springs of the source sprinkled in each room freely throughout the day.

(Chikyu Jinai)

We strives to conserve energy such as heating and hot water utilizing hot spring heat to protect the natural environment of the earth, and

Continue through the idea of irreplaceable love for the earth and resource circulation, such as using garbage produced by cooking as compost and using it at its own farm

We will deliver the highest silence and comfort to our customers.

(Kuki Saikou)

"群来" (Kuki) where the ocean of Esashi 's foreshore becomes turbid due to the spawning activity of "春告魚" (Nishin) comes back after 104 years on February 26, 2017

The bustle of the time is coming back.

We to actively disseminate in order to take a new history of Esashi 's Spring Telling Culture and take over to the future.

(Engi Densho)

We believe that our relationship with customers is an important "treasure" that can not be easily replaced by anything.

To further deepen your bonds with yourself and to wish for a long lasting relationship,

I will tell everyone the tangible and intangible "treasure" of Esashi.

February 26, 2018

KUKI Owner Kiyoshi Tanada

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