2010 Good Design Award Winner
First prize of 2011 1st Shop Design Award


The townscape that leaves the faith as if there is the word "Eza's May is not in Edo",
The Sea of Japan from behind the city.
This Hiyama Esashi where we were born and raised has various spectacular views.
When eating cooking and feeling the season, entering a hot spring and healing tiredness, and warm bedding
When sleeping, the history, culture, climate of this city can be compared other than weaving,
A wonderful moment may also be said to be a magnificent view.
We aim to satisfy each of our customers with this "superb view",
I have made an effort every day.
We are pleased to be able to share the time with customers,
We will continue to create safe food and comfortable space.

KUKI Owner


About the Hokkaido Earthquake

We wish to express our deepest condolences to ever…

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A high-quality healing stalactite inn stuck to food and environment


Continue local production to the limit

All foodstuffs used in the traveling gang stays committed to harvesting and watering within 25 km from the inn, relieving sheep, local chicken, eggs, vegetables, wild vegetables raised raised with self-farm "Takumi Farm" We cook and serve in a hotel as a safe food ingredient.

Petrochemical · Organic Cultivation · Circulation type Eco breeding and 'To be able to do because of the community' In order to deliver hospitality through food, the owner starts with 30 breds of Nagoya Cochin about 25 years ago Takumi Farm "Takumi Farm" has gradually grown little by more efforts such as relaxing breeding space that does not feel stress, improvement of bait and so on.It is now breeding of Hokkaido regional chicken with sheep (Suffolk kind), vegetables · wildfish garden and full-scale farm.

"Feelings of the chef"

The characteristic of the cuisine of this hotel lies in the privileged environment that there is a directly managed farm "Takumi Farm"
Also, in front of you there is Esuda Harbor and we are keeping in mind the cuisine that made use of the taste of the material for the mountains and the seafood.
Suffolk type lamb with breeding on the farm has no odor, there is an elegant taste, and there is a nostalgic surprise in fresh eggs freshly produced. Together with vegetables and wild vegetables brought up carefully one by one, we provide our customers with safety and security through food and we strive to satisfy as many customers as possible.
KUKI Chef Yuki Tsujihiro


An ideal environment friendly to the environment realized by hot spring fever and eco farm

In order to realize a hotel and environment friendly hotel that does not have CO2 and dust in the traveling gang, floor heating in the hotel including the heating of the guest room, floor heating in the hall, parking lot snow melting (road heating) does not use kerosene, gas, electricity We are using hot spring heat.

In a directly-managed farm "Takumi Farm", raising vegetables with fresh garbage from the inn as fertilizer, sheep (Suffolk seed), raising chicken with hand-made feed and grass raises circulation type eco.

A garbage truck does not come, we realize an ideal lodging of a wonderful and friendly future with consideration for the environment.

I grew up with Takumi Farm
Good food

Good quality compost from
from Inn · Takumi Farm

Offer as a meal
Road utilizing geothermal

"Recycling system of Yuuto · Takumi Farm"

About ROOM

"Special space and time" forgiven only by customers of 7 rooms

The other side of the stone fence is a different space away from everyday life. There was "special time" allowed only by customers in 7 rooms.

All seven rooms, with a deck terrace and a spacious and comfortable living room, are separated type with each room being surrounded by a garden in an arrangement like a separation.

There is neither a female general nor a broker in the community. Hospitality is a butler for 7 guests. From that time I was born in the community to provide special hospitality, we try to feel the feeling of each and every one of our customers.

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Setting for enjoying extraordinary life

"I want you to have a special thought while staying here." The architectural design of the group is designed by Mr. Makoto Nakayama, an acclaimed architect. There are seven rooms in a flat and sturdy building with a deck terrace. Each room is an isolated type surrounded by a garden in an arrangement like a separation.
In addition, the garden with stone laying in the sea as a motif, sculpture work by Mr. Yasuda Yasuda, an internationally active sculptor, is regarded as an island, directing a non-ordinary space. I think that you will be comfortable staying in the room with Mr. Koshino Junko.
Please enjoy the extraordinary and extraordinary in our hearts.


Nature of natural hot springs blessed with source

It is a natural hot spring with a 100% source that springs off on the premises. A quiet hot tune filling the bathtub will heal the melody of the journey like the flow of a distant stream, healing your tired body and mind.
The sodium bicarbonate of the hot spring ingredient that springs up constantly has the bubble (carbonic acid) effect that is gathering the most popularity now, it softens the surface of the skin, takes the keratin of the skin, adds weak alkalinity, can keep the skin beautiful It is magical hot water.
In addition, sulfate fountain lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, has high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, promotes metabolism of the human body, the feeling of refreshment after the bubbling due to the release of waste products, sweating action is exceptional.
Izumi temperature is 48.4 ℃, 1407 m underground from the ancient strata, the mineral was dissolved in the thick dense hot water, "The source of medicinal sauce" is ideal for maintaining health. It is a spa boasting at the hotel.

Fountain quality

Sodium · hydrogen carbonate · sulfate spring "Weak alkaline hypotonic high spring" pH 7.58


Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, clothes, sprains, fatigue recovery, chronic extinguishing / / Erythema, hemorrhoids, coldness, recovery period after illness, health promotion, chronic skin disease, galling, arteriosclerosis, burns

Drilling depth: 1407 m Formation: Paleozoic Matsumae Formation Geology: Tidal rock slate

Table of ingredients

Cation mg mval mval% anion mg mval mval%
Sodium ion 338.4 14.72 90.53 Fluoride ion 2.8 0.15 0.88
Potassium ion 11.2 0.29 1.78 Chloride ion 111.9 3.16 18.57
Ammonium ion 0.6 0.03 0.18 Hydrogen sulfide ion 0.1 0.00 0.00
Magnesium ion 3.9 0.32 1.97 Thiosulfate ion 0.1 0.00 0.00
Calcium ion 17.5 0.87 5.35 Sulfate ion 188.9 3.93 23.09
Ferrous ion 0.7 0.03 0.18 Bicarbonate ion 592.3 9.71 57.05
Total 372.3 16.26 100 898.2 17.02 100

The land of Esashi famous for Esashi pursuing is a land that has been protected by "bounty of the sea" brought by herring fishery since ancient times.
The herring that has reached the spawning season is called "KUKI", a phenomenon in which the herring laying in the shallow water in the hatchery lay eggs and dye the sea milky white.
A traveling garden with the name of "KUKI" in the city of such history, Esashi.
The other side of the stone fence is a different space away from everyday life.
There was "special time" allowed only by customers in 7 rooms.

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〒043-0041 Hikiyama-gun Esashi-cho Charlie 1 of Shakami-cho 5(大きい地図を見る